5 Common Signs of Roof Damage

As winter is slowly turning to spring here in New Jersey with the snow turning to sunshine and warmer days, it’s the perfect time to start checking over your roof. The snow, ice, and storms of winter can leave behind destruction in its path and, when it comes to your roof, the sooner you recognize it and fix it, the better! Nip the problem in the bud before it can turn into a big (and expensive) problem!

Here are 5 common signs of roof damage to watch out for.

1. Shingles

When you are looking over your roof, check to see if any of the shingles are missing. You’ll want to get that spot covered as soon as possible! You always want to watch for any broken shingles. Sometimes high winds can catch under the tiles and do damage. And sometimes it is due to other facts like animals crawling on your roof or other debris like tree branches and leaves. Whatever the reason for the damage is, it’s something you want to get repaired soon. Until then, those spots will leave your roof vulnerable to further damage.

2. Water Damage

Speaking of further damage, water damage is a common one! Some of the most obvious signs that you will want to look for are water stains on your ceilings and walls. You may also notice leaks, water damage, or even mold in your attic. These leaks may be due to plumbing problems, but often they are a sign of roof damage that needs to be attended to.

3. Fascia

The fascia of your roof is the boards that run along the place where the roof meets your outer walls (where your gutters are attached). Because it needs to be strong enough to hold your gutters up all year round, whether they are dry or full of water during a rainstorm, the fascia board needs to be sturdy. If you notice any cracking, missing wood, or decay, get that repaired quickly.

4. Venting

If your attic is not properly ventilating, damage can spread quickly. It can cause ice dams, which lead to even more damage. Watch out for shingles that may be curling. Any time shingles are not laying flat on your roof is a problem. Keep an eye out for brittle shingles, as well.

5. Gutters

Keeping your gutters clean is an important part of caring for your roof, but this is not just about clearing branches and leaves away. Look in your gutters for signs of roof damage. You may not be able to pinpoint any damaged shingles at first glance, but the gutters may give away more damage than you thought. When hail, wind, and heavy storms hit, it can wear away at the asphalt granules of the shingles. If you are seeing a lot of those granules in your gutters or your gutter runoff, you need to get your roof checked.

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