Metal Roof Installation in Allendale NJ

Home To Roofing Team installed a new 26 gauge corrugated metal roof on the main house along with the garage roof and porch roofs.

The customer chose to go with the Evergreen metal color. The crew also installed 166′ of the vented soffit and 222′ of fascia on the house, garage, and porches.

The customer also chose to have all new gutters, downspouts, and elbows installed in the Evergreen color to match the roofing material.

The color choice was perfect and matched the home’s shutters and trim on the porch roofs.

Roof Replacement After Hail Damage in Caldwell, NJ

This home was affected by a hail storm that came through Caldwell, NJ. Often times, the result of roof hail damage, is far greater than what it appears to be prior to inspection.

These homeowners got in contact with us here at Home To Roofing , and we were able to provide them with a complete roof replacement, further preventing any lasting damage to their home. We provided these homeowners with a new safe roof that will last them years to come.

Shingle Roof Replacement in Bayonne NJ

The owners of this stately home in Bayonne NJ were looking to upgrade their existing roofing system from asphalt shingles to gorgeous cedar shake shingles. The Home To Roofing team conducted a full roof replacement and used copper flashing to update the exterior as well as provide a modern elegance to the home. The work we did helped this home enhance its beauty beyond belief and we left the homeowners with something lasting and beautiful!

Roof Replacement in New Milford NJ

Home To Roofing went out to inspect this house for a roof replacement and found that the cedar shake was old, dark and mossy looking. The customer went on to sign with us to have a new cedar shake roof installed. Installed on this 33 square roof in where the 24″ x 7/8″ Premium Tapersawn Cedar Shakes with dark brown for the drip edge. As you can see when looking through the picture album one of the pictures is of the garage, which is still of the old cedar shake and to be completed at a later time this home looked amazing after how different the home looks after the new installation was completed.

The homeowner was very pleased!